Light Purple Giving Socks

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These Giving Socks give a cozy hug to your feet — anytime it’s needed. And because they are knitted with warm-hearted softness, they’re a giftable reminder of endless caring. Feather-knit fabric keeps you comfy while non-slip bottoms keep you safe. These socks are fuzzy and warm and the perfect gift for someone going through a hard time, or as a “just because” gift. One size fits most with a message on the packaging that reads: “We all need a little comfort now and then... A reminder to help us know that we are not alone in the world... That someone is in our corner cheering us on no matter what. So we created the Giving Socks to be like a cozy, warm hug - any time it's needed. These socks have been knit together with love to remind you someone is always thinking of you with warm, fuzzy feelings, and a hug in their heart.”

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